La Chapelle en Valgaudemar

After crossing this marvellous vallée du Valgaudemar, so authentic and exceptionally protected, overlooked by the prestigious summits of Olan and Les Rouis, and then drinving for about fifteen kilometres along the banks of a sparkling trout river, you'll arrive at La Chapelle en Valgaudemar, a large mountain village, very lively and bustling in summer, brightened by the slashing of a tumultuous mountain stream. 


The village is built on a cultivated plain metting high rocky walls above which tower peaks covered with eternal snow. La Chapelle en Valgaudemar is scattering of wooden or grey stone chalets with wooden balconies decorated with flowers, and its shingke or lauze roofs typical of mountain villages.


"Kill time or live for the moment", is the wise saying inscribed on one of the numerous sundials fixed to the façades. People interedted in the wonders of nature should visit "Les Oulles du Diable", a gorfe at the bottom of which is a foaming mountain stream, or should simply take a look at the majectic Gioberney Cirque with its towering peaks and sparkling glaciers. 



Gourmet will no doubt want to taste the home-made "tourton", fritters of very thin pasta, with popato purée, spinach or goat's cheese inside, unless they prefer them sweet, eaten cold, with stewed prunes or apple compote inside.


We musn't forget ravioles, little fritters made from potatoes and cheese, tradionally served with... liquid honey or jam. You should also try donkey's ears, spiced up with wild spinach, a plant so-called becasue the leaves look like pointed ears.



What beautiful summers to live in freedom! Sportsmen, dreamers, lovers of old stones, solitary walkers, all tastes are in the nature of the valley of the Valgaudemar. 


You will go from classified churches to small chapels, hamlets in sheepfold, smiling valleys in hidden villages to enter the fascination of the Ecrins National Parc. 


And live the adventure! Mountain biking, accrobranches, hiking with a parc guide, fishing, canyonning, rafting, mountaineering... You can reach a multitude of walks of all levels, with different themes, lakes, summits, circuits, heritage, flora, fauna...

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